What is Xperience Fitness?

Xperience Fitness is a total fitness experience, we cater for all ages* and abilities to give you the results you deserve.

Session sizes are limited - allowing our instructor to give guidance on training methods and correct form

Exercises can be tailored to the individual to suit their ability

Classes are designed to make you work harder rather than longer

A use a combination of cardio and weight training in order to burn fat and build muscle

We keep things simple for our members, so its easier for them to understand and succeed in a fun, positive, hard-working environment.

*Over 16s only

The idea behind Xperience Fitness

"The whole idea behind Xperience Fitness is to show people how simple fitness can be. I believe in flexible dieting and keeping things simple in the best way to achieve results. Dieting comes down to total daily intake, no need to starve yourself! I find that the combination of weight training and cardio is the most effective way to losing body fat and maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle."