• Ask The Expert Part 01: Toning Up

Ask The Expert Part 01: Toning Up

Ask The Expert Part 01: Toning Up

The experts at XPF Ltd (Xperience Fitness) have provided you with this tremendous four-part myth busting and truth revealing blogs, over the next four weeks Xperience Fitness Guru Kyran discusses Toning Up, Your Personal Trainer, The Truth about Weight Loss and Weights vs Cardio.

This week Kyran discusses one of his favourite words within the Fitness industry and most asked by female clients when turning up for the first time, how can you help me "Tone Up"

What is "Tone Up" or "toning up" Kyran asks? It's one of these great words that online, inexperienced or money grabbing get rich trainers use to draw in clients, especially female ones. Toning up is a made up phrase, even if Kyran knew what it meant it would probably be impossible to do.

So if you can't, "Tone Up” Kyran says what can you honestly do with your body, well we can do a couple of things he explains. We can drop our body fat percentage to reveal what is underneath, or we can look to lose body fat and then add some lean muscle to shape or sculpt our bodies how we would like them.

When we say add some lean muscle we are not telling women to suddenly "Bulk Up" and look like the Incredible Hulk, women lack the testosterone to do that. Kyran adds we are talking about building on what’s already there and adding through correct nutrition and training some lean muscle to get the look you want.

Kyran hopes the above clarifies what we can do with our bodies honestly and looks forward to you following parts 2,3 and 4 over the next 3 weeks, continuing with "Your Personal Trainer".