• Ask The Expert Part 02: Your Personal Trainer

Ask The Expert Part 02: Your Personal Trainer

Kyran from Xperience Fitness returns this week to tell us about what we should be getting from our Personal Trainers, after all, as he says it’s our hard-earned cash we are parting with and trusting them to give the results we want.

Kyran says the biggest no no when picking the right Personal Trainer for you is how he conducts himself. He says if he's spending more time checking his own physique in the mirror or checking you out then he will probably have more interest in other pursuits than your fitness and/or nutritional ones. Remember your paying the Trainer to focus on you and your goals, not his and this includes his social life and mobile phone.

Kyran believes your perfect Personal Trainer will be dedicated to your personal ambition and goals, will be encouraging and talking positively and politely with you on achieving them. Adding not one-way fits all, your trainer shouldn't be training you with the same session he has just done with his last five or six clients. He should be after your first consultation planning individual effective sessions dedicated to you.

A good Personal trainer, Kyran adds will also look to correct your posture during training, be encouraging and also offer basic advice (if not agreed in price) to help with your nutritional needs to meet your ambitions and goals.

Your Trainer should not be looking to make money fast on you, but be looking to invest the time you paid for to help you progress, with clearly outlined points on when and where you should start to feel, see and notice improvements. if you’re not seeing them, Kyran believes sitting down and discussing why not is the right thing to do, your Personal Trainer should not be blaming you but analysing where things may not be quite working and how this can be improved.

Lookout for next week’s addition as Kyran discusses the truth about weight loss in part 3 of the new Experience fitness Myths and Truths Blog.