• Ask The Experts Part 03: Cardio vs Weights

Ask The Experts Part 03: Cardio vs Weights

Kyran welcomes us to part 3 of Xperience Fitness' Myths & Truths Blog and this week he's talking to us about Weight Loss.

Kyran starts the week by telling us not to get caught up on the numbers, the scales and fad diets. That weight loss is actually a lot simpler than we are all lead to believe.

He firstly discusses what is the right diet and the truth is everyone is different, but a diet is short term and when you finish it you risk compromising the hard work done over sometimes many months. Kyran firmly adds that you should make consistent small changes to your own nutrition and take small steps following his simple advise below.

Kyran discusses the scales and quickly adds that they are great for working out the important numbers, but simply looking at the scales may not make us happy with our own appearances. Adding that we may want to weigh in at 56 kilograms, but what if we look at our best weighing 59 kilograms.

Talking numbers Kyran says the scales should be reviewed every other week to adjust our calories intake, because as we lose weight our bodies need less calories to survive. To lose weight Kyran says is really not complicated at all, all we have to do is expend more calories than we take in.

Two simple calculations online can tell us how many calories we need, Kyran states the first as our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which is how many calories our bodies consume just to get blood and oxygen around the body, a second calculation works out our Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE), he adds this tells us with our job and exercise how many calories we actually need.

If we take away from our TDEE Kyran says we will lose weight and if we add to it we will gain weight. Check back in August when Kyran will be discussing nutrition in much greater depth with us.

If you cant wait till then, join up with Kyran at XPF Ltd, and book a nutritional plan or Personal Training Session to discuss further.

Kyran concludes our Xperience Fitness Myths & Truths Blog with part 4, Weights verses Cardio next week.