• Ask The Experts Part 04: Cardio vs Weights

Ask The Experts Part 04: Cardio vs Weights

We reach the concluding part 4 of Xperience Fitness's Kyran Scott's Myths & Truths Blog. Part 4 concludes the series with the myths and truths in the age old debate of Cardio versus Weights.

Kyran opens the final entry of this 4 part blog with his distinct open honesty that the truth is it will vary person to person on what is best Weights or Cardio, and that it will also be very dependent on what the individuals goal are.

Kyran believes that some times when both can lead to the same out come, that taking the option of weight training can have better benefits than cardio. Adding Cardio can be split in to two types HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) done in short bursts usually with body weight and explosive exercise, or LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) which include Running, swimming and cycling and is normally done over longer periods typically 45-60 minutes.

Kyran offered the example of losing weight, the truth is it is eighty percent nutrition and twenty percent fitness work. Doing both LISS or HIIT will help you lose weight. But so will weight training with the correct program, intensity and exercises. The benefit of using weight training to lose weight is it will help to burn body fat whilst also helping to maintain existing muscle structure. Weight training sessions can burn more calories than a cardio session, as weight training can have the afterburn effect, where the body continues to repair its muscle fibers and in doing so burn more calories.

Kyran further listed the benefits of weight training in general over cardio to include, that weight training is proven to improve bone density, which helps with protecting the bone from breaking down in later life. Adding that weight training can be more varied and enjoyable to both individuals and small groups training together. Finally weight training can help improve body in balances and with periods of rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

Kyran added a final note that what the individual is looking to achieve will to a degree dictate the best option out of cardio or weights.

Kyran will return in August with a detailed look at nutrition, breaking down how to build a solid nutritional plan and advantages of fasting, timing meals and the biggest grey area of supplements.

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