Open Gym Fitness Plan

  • 31 Dec 19
  • 0730-0731
  • £25.00

Open Gym Fitness Plan

For those of you using the open gym slots who would like a fitness instructor designed 8 Week Program please order through here. If you want an increased period of time in 4 weekly periods eg, 12,16 or 20 then you need to add the amount of guests when purchasing. Guests are per 4 week additional programming for you. Upon ordering your program email either kyran or Gemma to arrange your plan.

Plan Details

Kyran and Gemma will discuss the requirement's for your plan and design you a full program detailing exercises, sets and repetition as well as any specialist information like pyramids, drop sets and super sets.

What are people saying?

  • lynda
    XPF is a fantastic place to be, all round body workout, they work with you, encourage you, drive you....and best of all you can have a laugh it here and the people. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Fiona
    XPF is a fantastic exercise facility, all of the classes are well prepared and carefully catered for all abilities. The other team members provide a lovely, encouraging atmosphere to train in.