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Health & exercise questionnaire
Do you have any known heart condition, or currently being investigated for potential heart problems?
Has a doctor or medical professional recommended you only exercise in a medically supervised program?
Have you on one or more occasion fallen over due to loss of consciousness or dizziness?
Have you ever experienced any chest pain whilst exercising or at rest?
Have been diagnosed with any joint, bone or muscular illness which could worsen through exercise?
Are you on any medication for high blood pressure, a heart condition or other serious illness?
Are you currently pregnant?
Have you given birth within the last 12 weeks?
Do you know of any other reason not mentioned above such as, but not limited to diabetes, cancer, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, epilepsy, which means you should only train in a medically supervised program?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, please provide more details:

Should you have any queries regarding this questionnaire or should any of your answers to the questionnaire change, you should speak with a staff member immediately. If you are unsure on any of the above answers please speak to your doctor or health professional and inform a staff member before exercising to discuss a plan of action.

I have read and fully understand the health and exercise questionnaire and confirm that the answers given by me are correct and not misleading. I know of no reason that should prevent me from participating in any form of exercise or other activities at XPF Ltd.

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