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Have a look at these amazing results Xperience Fitness have delivered to our awesome members!

Ever since I first approached XPF they have been great. From day one we planned everything in a way that worked around me.There was no unsustainable diet plan and no unrealistic work out plans.Thanks to XPF patience and persistence over the last year we have regularly checked and weighed in and adjusted where necessary to keep me on track. I feel better than ever and feel like the transformation we’ve made has changed my life for the better. I don’t feel like I miss out on anything and don’t struggle to keep to the macros we’ve worked on. Thanks to all Kyran’s help at XPF I won’t ever look back and hope to continue on my fitness journey indefinitely. So far I’ve lost over 100 pounds and feel great, I look forward to an even fitter, healthier future.

So, Iv'e finished the 6 week challenge I lost 8Lbs in weight and 6% body fat and decided to continue my journey to build muscle and find my four pack.

A massive thank you to Kyran for the commitment and look for to seeing more amazing results.

When I Joined the 6 week challenge the green scales didn't want to read my weight and I thought I was about to die after the very first session.

I since have changed the way I eat, sleep and exercise. It hasn't been easy but most certainly enjoyable. This is down to everyone is each session pulling together and obviously Kyran that keeps pushing you out of your comfort zone and aims you to achieve more each and every time.

I have overcome many hurdles, still complain about all the hard exercises but wouldn't want it any other way. Not only did i have a whole week of being ill and unable to train while on this journey but also had days where i underate or cheekily drank too much alcohol. But here I am, so glad I did this!

ended up on the green scales now reading my weight and found an amazing 19 pound loss overall!

So happy about my achievements, being able to wear the trousers that have never fit me and generally feel much better about myself.

Thanks again Kyran for all your support and for pushing me every time. Wouldn't have made it without you. Looking forward to continuing my fitness journey of more torture in the XPF chamer.

The 6 week challenge at Xperience Fitness is definitely worth the while. I have learnt a lot about nutrition & workouts in a small group environment.
The XPF atmosphere is aways positive, friendly, fun and supportive.
Kyran is a highly experienced, 100% dedicated fitness professional who has a fantastic way of pushing people in the right direction, out of their comfort zones.
Iv'e always been sporty and knew that to get amazing results I really had to step my game up. In addition to changes in my weight and body fat percentage i also noticed that my digestion became much better and my skin much smoother.
Judit Nadas
Sport Management & Development Graduate

Before starting my 6 week challenge I was starting to feel uncomfortable and a lot of my clothes weren't fitting me anymore. I had seen a couple of lads progress when they had done it before I thought it would be good, During the whole process I enjoyed every minute of it especially the people around me in the sessions.

Kyran helped me in every way possible, I am now a stone lighter and 6% less body fat , feel great and now fit into my clothes that didn't fit me before, I would highly recommend the 6 week challenge to anyone and definitely be doing the challenge again very soon.

After going to the gym for a few years i slowly found myself doing less cardio and just sticking to the weights, although i gained muscle I wasn't confident in my body as i was carrying excess weight.

Having tried many diets and other programmes I still struggled to overcome this. This 6 week challenge has helped so much with my fitness and confidence in my body, I lost over a stone in weight and 7% body fat smashing my original goal I had set myself.

Kyran and the group really help to motivate you and help you achieve your goals, the workouts cover all aspects of fitness/ weight training meaning no other gym membership is needed.

Every session is different and the workout programmes as well thought out making a great use of the equipment I wouldn't even use in a standard gym!!!

Being constantly fed up of not having the motivation to stick to an exercise programme I decided to sign up for the 6 week transformation programme with Kyran ax XPF and i have to say this was the best thing I've ever done.

Through Kyran's tailored exercise sessions and nutritional advice i managed to reach my goal of loosing a stone as well as reducing body fat in my problems areas of the thighs and buttocks.

Now that I have reached my weight loss goal i will definitely be signing up for another 6 week plan when i return from holiday in June 2019.

Thanks again Kyran and keep up the good work!!!

The 6 week transformation package provided by Kyran at XPF was the best decision I have ever made in helping my weight loss and strength goals. Kyran worked tirelessly to make the sessions fit around us and our individual needs whilst still being in a very small group environment. He provided day to day help over the phone for nutritional information as well as motivation, the proof is in the pudding as they say as I lost 1 stone (15lbs) over 4 weeks! I will be definitely signing up for more sessions as well as going to some of the amazing classes provided every day by the team at XPF.

The 6 week transformation programme is great, I was pushed further than I thought possible. If you're looking to lose weight or just to test yourself I can't recommend it enough. Kyran is an excellent trainer, he had all the answers to any questions I had and the sessions worked. I'll be signing up again!

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  • lynda
    XPF is a fantastic place to be, all round body workout, they work with you, encourage you, drive you....and best of all you can have a laugh too....love it here and the people. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Fiona
    XPF is a fantastic exercise facility, all of the classes are well prepared and carefully catered for all abilities. The other team members provide a lovely, encouraging atmosphere to train in.